The Complete Guide to Door Repair and Installation: What you need to know

Commercial automatic door installation and repair requires more advanced knowledge and skills than residential manual doors, as automatic doors engage both physical and technological aspects.

Commercial automatic doors are designed to provide quick and convenient access to the building for everyone, especially those who have trouble moving around or riding a wheelchair.

One of the most popular types of automatic doors is swing doors, which can operate by receiving activation signals from the motion sensor, push bottom, or wave.

Commercial Automatic Door Installation and Repair

Commercial automatic door installation is a complex process, and it starts from the design and consideration of the following factors:

• The average traffic and understanding of who will mainly use the doors

• The space requirements to fit the door and hardware, automatic door opener,

             presence sensor, push buttons, etc.

• Opening side

• Cable connections

• Fire and escape requirements

• Door operation management

Depending on the building’s needs, all these and other points must be carefully planned with the commercial door installation expert, who will give the best recommendations based on the professional experience.

Handicap Door Repair and Installation

The motion sensor usually activates swing doors in a public place with heavy traffic when pedestrians approach the door. A push-button or wave can also send signals to the motion sensor, but it’s more used in handicap doors or slow hours when few people pass through.

At least one handicap door is required to be installed for entrances, washrooms, and emergency exits in public buildings.

A push-button or wave activates handicap doors to open them for the person in a wheelchair. If a motion sensor activates the door, it should be programmed to swing the door slowly to open it in front of and close it behind the user.

Handicap door installation is attached with additional regulations: the door size should be enough to let any wheelchair pass through, and a person should comfortably reach the touch button. Correct measurements are significant, especially for automatic washroom doors installed in a tiny space.

Automatic Swing Door Repair and Installation

An automatic swing door has a complex structure, and its malfunction may have different reasons. It can be problems with the sensor or push buttons, door motor operation, automatic door opener, or remote-control system.

When the automatic swing door repair is required due to breaking signs, it’s not only a matter of convenience but also safety. Commercial automictic doors are heavily weighted. If any essential elements, such as the automatic door opener, break, the swing door can hit the pedestrian passing through and cause injuries.

For long-lasting and safe swing door operation, it’s recommended to control and maintain the automatic and handicap door elements in good condition.

Our Company has provided a full range of commercial automatic door installation and repair services for many years. We help our customers to choose the right type of commercial doors based on a particular need. Our experts have valuable experience and will be happy to advise on rules and regulations for handicap door repair and installation.