About us

Who We Are?

UOR Gate Repair Service was established in 2008 and provided innovative and varied solutions for gates and garage doors for the residential and commercial sectors. The company believes in providing a professional solution to each customer and in a courteous and courteous service that offers a solution for all gate malfunctions. The company is located in the Burbank, CA area and provides service to various customers throughout Burbank, CA. Over the years, the company team accompanied numerous complex projects and provided courteous and professional service to each customer. The company’s experienced team will arrive at your doorstep quickly to provide an efficient solution with a wide smile. The company also carries out annual maintenance services for all types of gates, including lubrication of mechanisms, checking electric motors, replacing parts that have reached the end of their life cycle, etc. You are invited to contact the company’s customer center for more information or schedule a service call. UOR Gate Repair Service -at your service!

Extraordinary Experiences

UOR Gate Repair Service in Burbank specializes in providing customized solutions according to customer and field requirements. Before the work, the company provides professional consultation in the field to build a strong anchor for the planning and selection of advanced and accurate systems for the project’s needs. In the process, the company’s team maintains the most innovative design suitable for the modern era.